Porch Builder Bolton

A porch is an invaluable entrance to any house, it can come in handy if the weather is bad, hanging up coats, storing shoes or just making the entrance to your home stunning. Made from both Upvc or timber frame and brickwork, open sided porches or fully enclosed, the design and specifications are endless.

Our service includes:-

  • Visit home, design and discuss requirements and size
  • Dig out foundations and concrete footings
  • Brick up inner and outer walls to finished floor level, insulate and concrete floor
  • Brick dwarf wall ( outside skin can match the walls of the house) ready for porch frames
  • Attach the Upvc or timber frame
  • Build roof structure, felt baton and tile or glaze with polycarbonate or glass
  • Electric / plumbing 1st fix
  • Plaster
  • Electric/plumbing 2nd and final fix
  • Final joinery i.e., skirting boards, architraves, flooring
  • Decoration

** Planning permission is not required as long as the porch is built at ground level with an area less than 30m2 and as long as the glazing in the porch is safety glazing and the porch must be separated from the dwelling by means of a door ***