New Decking Area


October 17, 2013 by Darren

walmsley decking 030

Darren was asked by Walmsley Primary School in Bolton to replace a sloped area of the childrens playground with decking leading down to steps enabling the children to have more space to play. A JCB excavator was used to flatten out the proposed area and take away excess soil. The ground was leveled out into 2 separate areas. The holes for the under decking supports were marked out and dug to 600 mm, the decking supports were wrapped in DPC and concreted into position.  4 Steps were then measured and constructed along the length of the area.  A timber framework was then erected behind the steps ready for the decking to be laid.  A stage area was formed on the left side of the decking area and the original metal fence was covered with Bamboo screening.  Non Slip Canterbury decking was used through out and fixed to the timber frame and steps.  A Balustrade was positioned at the top of the decking area ensuring the childrens saftey and making the area have a appealing look.